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A widely circulated image does not depict a "pro-ISIS rally" held in Dearborn, Michigan, but rather an anti-ISIS demonstration.

Claim: A photograph depicts a "pro-ISIS rally" held in Dearborn, Michigan, in December 2015.


Example: [Collected via Facebook and Twitter, December 2015]

Dearborn Michigan, this morning. Pro ISIS Rally. Spread the word, the fit is about to hit the shan here in the US.


Origin:On 5 December 2015 Facebook user Mickey Knox published the above-reproduced image, reporting that it depicted a "pro-ISIS rally" that had taken place in Dearborn, Michigan, earlier that day. The image was widely circulated via social media, with all versions lacking any substantive information about the rumor attached to it:

We contacted the City of Dearborn's Public Information and Police departments to ask about the photograph. The individuals to whom we spoke confirmed that no such rally had taken place in Dearborn on 5 December 2015, or at any other time.

Detroit television station WXYZ published an article on the same day as the Facebook post that reported:

Hundreds of Arab Americans in metro Detroit are taking a stand against ISIS and terrorism.

This weekend, they gathered for a peaceful protest against hate outside of the Karbala Islamic Center in Dearborn.

Images tweeted by WXYZ included similar weather conditions and the presence of multiple flags (none of which were the sort linked with the Islamic State), demonstrating that this photograph captured an anti-ISIS demonstration in Dearborn, not a pro-ISIS rally:

Last updated: 10 April 2016

Originally published: 07 December 2015

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