Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Judge Kicked Off Bench for Drunkenness   (Associated Press)
  • An alcoholic judge was kicked off the bench for repeatedly being drunk in the courtroom.

  •   Scam Artist Buys $230,000 of Gas at 203 Stations   (Associated Press)
  • A man was sentenced to five months in prison for using 270 counterfeit Postal Service credit cards to buy $230,000 worth of gasoline at 203 different stations.

  •   'Sports Criminals Night' Promotion Axed   (Associated Press)
  • After fans complained, the River City Rascals canceled a "Sports Criminals Night" promotion that would have turned the stadium into a giant prison, with a fan thrown into a "dugout jail" each inning.

  •   New York Man Swims Hudson to Push Clean Up   (Associated Press)
  • Every 20 minutes that Christopher Swain spends swimming in the Hudson River, he gargles with hydrogen peroxide to protect himself from swallowing any toxic chemicals.

  •   Judge Orders Auction to End Bible Dispute   (Associated Press)
  • Ruling in the case of a brother and sister who have been locked in a four-year fight over who owns their mother's 125-year-old family Bible, a Lake County probate judge hit upon a way for each to come away with their share.

  •   Santa Fe Rethinks Doggie Seat Belt Law   (Associated Press)
  • The city of Santa Fe is rethinking a proposed rewrite of its animal control ordinance that would have required dogs to wear seat belts in cars.

  •   Court Rules Van Gogh at Center of Longtime Dispute Is Authentic   (Associated Press)
  • France's highest court has ruled that an atypical Vincent van Gogh landscape is not a forgery, ending an eight-year-old squabble over the sale of the painting.

  •   Free Student Newspapers Stolen in California   (Associated Press)
  • Some 2,500 copies of the free Poly Post student newspaper were taken from California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, distribution bins, and authorities are trying to determine if a crime was committed.

  •   Chewing Gum Returns to Singapore After a Dozen-Year Ban   (Associated Press)
  • Ultra-tidy Singapore is lifting its notorious ban on chewing gum after 12 long years — but getting a pack won't be entirely hassle-free.

  •   Baffling Disease Makes Lobsters Look Ugly   (Associated Press)
  • A baffling disease that makes lobsters ugly, but not inedible, has crept northward from the Buzzards Bay hotspot where it's afflicted lobsters for several years.