Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   eBay Pulls Schwarzenegger's Cough Drop   (Associated Press)
  • A seller on eBay tried to auction off a cough drop that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly used, then tossed into a trash can — listing the item under the heading "Schwarzenegger's DNA."

  •   Novice Competes in World Series of Poker   (Associated Press)
  • Gerry Drehobl took a nice family vacation to Las Vegas and won $365,000 on a pair of kings at the poker table.

  •   Man, 67, to Graduate from Police Academy   (Associated Press)
  • A 67-year-old University of Nebraska at Omaha professor is slated to graduate from the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Tallahassee, Florida.

  •   Mechanics Resurrect Cars, Jump-Start Spirituality   (Associated Press)
  • For mechanics Craig Brandenburg and Teang Ie, praying for automotive miracles is just part of the routine at Cedar Park Assembly of God church, where every weekday the two service a steady stream of cars in their mechanics ministry.

  •   Pennsylvania Lawmakers Debate State Soil   (Associated Press)
  • Pennsylvania state lawmakers are throwing mud over a proposal to name an official state soil.

  •   Olympic Flame to Get Elephant Ride   (Associated Press)
  • The Olympic flame will take a ceremonial elephant ride when the torch passes through India's capital en route to the Athens Olympics.

  •   Revealing DVD Photos Get Two Students Banned from High School Graduation   (Associated Press)
  • Two students were banned from their high school graduation for making a DVD featuring senior class highlights that included hidden photos of female students competing in a wet T-shirt contest.

  •   Animal Parts Tie Up Edmonton Roadway   (Canadian Press)
  • Road rage may have contributed to a partial spill of animal parts on one of Edmonton's busiest thoroughfares

  •   $132,000 of Grant to Combat Goth Returned   (Associated Press)
  • Almost half of a $273,000 grant awarded in 2002 to fight the Goth culture in Blue Springs has been returned because of a lack of interest — and the absence of a real problem.