Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Where Did They Put Their Ticket Stubs?   (Reuters)
  • Over 80 British students threw caution and their clothes to the wind to set a world record for the number of nudes riding on a rollercoaster.

  •   British Company Makes DVD for Parrots   (Associated Press)
  • A British company on has introduced "Pollyvision," an 80-minute DVD of wild parrots preening, feeding and flying through the rainforest that it hopes will entertain caged parrots and budgies while their owners are out at work.

  •   History Film Sparks Airport Security Scare   (Reuters)
  • Planes were grounded for a few minutes at Heathrow after a BBC crew filming a reconstruction of fighting between British and Arabs sparked a security scare.

  •   Roving Latrine Raises Money for Cancer   (Associated Press)
  • A bright pink potty with artificial flowers sprouting from the bowl is being placed in yards in and around Whitehouse, Ohio, as a way to raise money for cancer research.

  •   'Good Thief' Leaves Apology for Burgled Charity   (Reuters)
  • A Dutch thief left an apologetic letter and promised a donation after he realized he was burgling a charity that helps the poor and elderly.

  •   90-Year-Old Florida Woman Earns GED   (Associated Press)
  • A 90-year-old woman who started her education in a one-room schoolhouse at a time when computers and overhead projectors didn't exist will receive her diploma.

  •   Thief Steals Yacht Out of Love for His Daughter   (Reuters)
  • A thief living in Ireland missed his young daughter so much that he stole a $100,000 yacht and sailed to England to see her.

  •   Judge Appoints Attorney for Canine   (Associated Press)
  • Lake Circuit Judge Lorenzo Arredondo appointed an attorney to represent Cabic, a dog, at a hearing to determine whether he is a wolf-dog hybrid.

  •   Flatulent Bulldogs Rule as Cannes Top Dogs   (Reuters)
  • A pair of flatulent bulldogs were picked for the top dog award at Cannes.

  •   Woman's Poison Conviction Overturned   (Associated Press)
  • A Miami woman cannot be convicted of attempting to poison her boss simply because there is no such crime, a state appeals court ruled.

  •   First Janet Jackson, Now Nipple Video Banned   (Reuters)
  • Four months after Janet Jackson outraged the United States by bearing her breast on TV, Ireland banned a video to encourage voting in European elections because it showed a bare nipple.

  •   Snake Handler Bitten During Demonstration   (Associated Press)
  • A snake handler showing a high school biology class how rattlesnakes strike was bitten by a timber rattler during a demonstration.

  •   Woman Jailed After Selling Baby on Web   (Associated Press)
  • A British woman pleaded guilty to selling her unborn baby to two couples over the Internet and arranging for a third to buy it as well.