Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   He Sends the Devil Packing*   (Los Angeles Times)
  • The Vatican's top exorcist has a full schedule. But not every troubled person is possessed, and evicting Satan takes time, he says.

  •   Gacy's Brain and Beyond: A Doctor Explores World of Serial Killers   (Associated Press)
  • For nearly 30 years, Helen Morrison has probed the brains of serial killers — though, until Gacy, she'd never held one in her hands.

  •   Delectable, Not Deletable   (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Just off Interstate 90, across the street from Johnny's Restaurant, a local greasy spoon, you'll find the world's first — and likely last — museum dedicated solely to Spam.

  •   Hollywood Riled Up Over ClearPlay   (USA Today)
  • A new DVD player — slim, black, looking much like all the rest — is just starting to show up on Wal-Mart's shelves. But this one has Hollywood spinning in anger.

  •   Study of the New Rockies Finds Old West Is Old Hat*   (Los Angeles Times)
  • Most Westerners don't live off the land, aren't especially rugged and like big-box stores and lattes as much as anyone else.

  •   It's Hard to Love Those Tourism Slogans   (USA Today)
  • Tourism slogans strive in a few short words to capture the heart and soul of a place and, not incidentally, drive tourist dollars there. But the essential question is: Do they work?