Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Glitch Lets Some Michigan Drivers Gas Up for Free   (Associated Press)
  • A computer glitch let Michigan drivers gas up for free at pumps outside a chain of Midwest stores. Motorists discovered they could swipe their drivers' licenses instead of credit cards.

  •   Truck With Monkey Waste Spills on Road   (Associated Press)
  • Some monkey business tied up Milwaukee traffic for about three hours when a truck carrying waste from the zoo spilled its contents.

  •   Patter of Tiny Paws Near for Panda?   (Reuters)
  • Tokyo's Ueno Zoo may soon hear the patter of tiny panda paws.

  •   Woman Allegedly Hits Boyfriend with Fish   (Associated Press)
  • A woman was arrested on accusations she used a mounted fish with a pointy nose to assault her live-in boyfriend.

  •   Late Night Snack Nabs Hungry Thief   (Reuters)
  • A German burglar who took a bite out of a meatball during a night raid on a sandwich shop was caught after forensic scientists ran a DNA test on it.

  •   Hospitals: Quick Care or Tigers Tickets   (Associated Press)
  • There's a new way to get tickets to Detroit Tigers games — spend 30 minutes awaiting care in a hospital emergency room.

  •   Ohio Town Launches Lion Hunt   (Reuters)
  • Police in the suburbs of Ohio's capital, Columbus, have called in a helicopter and big-game experts to help search for a large animal believed to be a lion.

  •   Library's Longtime Cat-In-Residence Dies   (Associated Press)
  • In more than 20 years as cat-in-residence at the Haysville Community Library, Libby Libra survived being run over, a catnapping, a tornado and 10 days shut up in an abandoned wing of the old library building.

  •   Competitive Eater Sets Popcorn Challenge   (Reuters)
  • To mark the premiere of a film about his life as a competitive eater, Crazy Legs Conti is trying to eat his way out of a telephone booth-size structure filled with popcorn.

  •   Coaches Reprimanded for 'Crybaby Award'   (Associated Press)
  • The coaches of a middle school basketball team who humiliated one of their players by giving him a "crybaby award" will likely face disciplinary action from district officials.

  •   Almost One in 10 Britons Has Ended Relationship by Text   (Associated Press)
  • Nine percent of Britons admit to dumping a partner by sending an SMS text message — possibly signalling the beginning of the end for the "Dear John" letter — according to a new survey.

  •   Policewoman Wins Tussle Over Dyed Hair   (Associated Press)
  • A Hong Kong judge quashed a police department reprimand against a veteran officer for refusing to restore her highlighted hair back to its natural dark brown color.