Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Are These Pictures a Hoax or Proof That We Tortured Iraqis?   (The Independent)
  • One of the first questions obviously asked when the Daily Mirror published what it called "vile" pictures of British troops beating and tormenting Iraqi prisoners was whether they could be a hoax.

  •   Stabbed Busman Is Saved by Diary   (The Mirror)
  • A bus driver told how his pocket diary stopped a knife blow aimed at his heart.

  •   Doctors 'Plotted to Kill Man for Organs'   (The Guardian)
  • Four Moscow doctors have been arrested for plotting to murder a patient so that they could use his organs for transplantation in an illegal trade which Russians fear is rife but which is seldom brought to court.

  •   Unbelievable Timing, Incredible Account   (USA Today)
  • Perhaps the most riveting story Jack Kelley wrote for USA TODAY involved a suicide bombing in Jerusalem on Aug. 9, 2001 — a bombing Kelley says he witnessed.

  •   Wife Feeds Husband Dog Poo Pie   (The Mirror)
  • A spurned wife took revenge on her cheating husband by feeding him a "dog poo" pie.

  •   Runner Sprints Past His 90th Birthday   (Associated Press)
  • Even after his 90th birthday, Max Springer is still competing in 5-kilometer road races and national track meets.

  •   National Guard Chief Says He Regrets Gag E-Mail   (The Boston Globe)
  • The gag e-mail that Major General George W. Keefe forwarded to friends last week lampooned the upcoming Democratic National Convention and US Senator Edward M. Kennedy. But by yesterday, the laughter had ended, and Keefe was issuing a statement of regret.

  •   Boy Gets Response to Message in Bottle   (Associated Press)
  • It didn't make it across the Atlantic, but 7-year-old Dylan Goodman got a long-distance answer to a message put in a bottle that was thrown in the ocean.

  •   Sweet Sparks Terror Alert   (The Sun)
  • A love heart sweet sent in a letter sparked a major terror alert when it was crushed into a white powder by a franking machine.

  •   Robbery Suspect Stuck in Cooling Unit   (Associated Press)
  • A man trying to rob a St. Croix restaurant was hospitalized after he hid in a heat extraction unit when employees showed up early for work.