Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Mona Lisa Undergoes Study After Experts Note Deterioration   (Associated Press)
  • The Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece of a mysterious woman with a slight smile, is deteriorating quickly, the Louvre Museum said, announcing that an in-depth technical study was being conducted to determine why.

  •   Now the $50 Bill Gets a Colorful Makeover   (Associated Press)
  • The $50 bill is getting splashes of red and blue, the second of the nation's paper currencies to sport new hues beyond the traditional black-ink fronts and green-ink backs.

  •   Miami Radio Fined for Castro Hoax   (BBC News)
  • A Miami radio station which broadcast a crank call to Cuban President Fidel Castro should be fined $4,000, says the US communications regulator.

  •   Restoration in Works for Odd Desert Castle   (Associated Press)
  • No matter the angle it's viewed from, or the time of day it's seen, the four-tiered castle on the hill catches the eye and captures the imagination.

  •   Can Act of Congress Reverse Curse?   ([Chicago] Daily Herald)
  • From prancing goats around Wrigley Field to exploding an offensive baseball to endless prayers, almost everything's been tried to purge the Cubs of their so-called billy goat curse.

  •   Larger Than Live   (The Guardian)
  • As bland identikit groups dominate the charts, bands with edge and intrigue are getting rarer. Is this the end of rock'n'roll mythology?

  •   How Now? Cow Path Tale Is Pure Bull   (The Boston Globe)
  • The layout of Boston's streets is so helter-skelter because they are founded on the lines of meandering cow paths. Fact or fiction?

  •   Actress Goes from 'Sesame' to 'Sopranos'   (Associated Press)
  • After filming an intimate scene with his girlfriend in "The Sopranos," Steve Buscemi's good-natured angst over actress Alison Bartlett's other job on "Sesame Street" was laid bare.

  •   Choking Driver Says Crash Saved His Life   (Associated Press)
  • A Georgia man credits a highway crash that totaled his truck with saving his life.