Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Accused: Drugs Belonged to Rooster   (Associated Press)
  • A Nicaraguan defence lawyer whose client is facing cocaine charges argued the narcotics were actually in the possession of the suspect's rooster.

  •   Open Verdict in Death of Holmes Expert   (The Guardian)
  • The world's foremost expert on Sherlock Holmes was found garrotted in his bed surrounded by cuddly toys and a bottle of gin, an inquest heard.

  •   Drink-Driving Speech Has Teens Dropping "Like Flies"   (Agence France Presse)
  • A woman who was lecturing high school boys on the perils of drunk-driving knew she had driven her message home when some teenagers in her audience began to blanche, buckle and heave.

  •   Save Your Knife — Mail It Back to Yourself   (Associated Press)
  • Travelers who realize they're carrying a treasured pocketknife or grandma's scissors after arriving at the airport may now have a more convenient way to save the items.

  •   Bin There, Done That: Berlin's Talking Trash Cans   (Agence France Presse)
  • In a uniquely German mix of hi-tech gadgetry and environmental awareness, Berlin authorities are installing talking trash cans in some of the German capital's most popular squares.

  •   Snack Threat Boy to Switch Schools   (Associated Press)
  • A sixth-grader who was suspended after allegedly threatening to expose a highly allergic teacher to peanut butter cookies will be allowed to return to class at a different school.

  •   Woman Poses as British Army Captain for Five Months   (Agence France Presse)
  • A woman posing as a military officer conned her way onto a British airforce base and lived there undetected for five months, even running up a large bar bill.

  •   Don't Ask About Iraq Security — It's Too Risky   (Reuters)
  • Iraq's U.S.-led authorities are telling anyone who wants information about risks in the violence-torn country to seek it elsewhere.

  •   Israeli Army Mobilizes Camels to Help Patrol Egyptian Border   (Associated Press)
  • The Israeli military is reaching back into history to equip its anti-smuggling patrols on the Israel-Egypt border: it's using camels.

  •   Scottish Teens Steal Skull to Use as Puppet   (Reuters)
  • Two Scottish teenage boys have escaped a jail sentence for breaking into the tomb of one of Scotland's most violent noblemen and taking a skull to use as a ventriloquist's dummy.

  •   Artist's Surgeries Defy Beauty Standards   (Associated Press)
  • French performance artist Orlan, who has undergone numerous plastic surgeries to transform her face and body to challenge traditional perceptions of beauty, says art "has to shock."

  •   Gang Concerns Prompt School T-Shirt Ban   (WSOC-TV)
  • The principal at Northridge Middle School sent a letter to parents saying that groups of students have begun wearing white and pink T-shirts that could be a system to identify different gangs.