Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Web Hoax Has Jacko Overdosing on Pills   (Knight Ridder)
  • Fans of pop superstar Michael Jackson were left devastated by false reports the troubled singer had committed suicide.

  •   Couple to Move Into Home 19 Feet Wide   (Associated Press)
  • After living on a boat for 15 years, Neil and Suzanne Ablitt don't find anything unusual about their plans to squeeze into a home that measures only 19 feet wide and 19 feet deep.

  •   Judges Declare War on Pet Pests   (Reuters)
  • Two Texas judges have made a federal case out of dog poop on the courthouse lawn.

  •   Geese Blamed for Tahoe's Pollution   (Associated Press)
  • A group of property owners thinks there might be a new culprit behind Lake Tahoe's declining clarity: Goose droppings.

  •   Gang of Deaf Thieves Jailed   (Reuters)
  • Chinese police have broken up a gang of deaf teenaged robbers who carried out a string of thefts on the orders of a brutal leader.

  •   Homeowners Told to Remove Moose Carcasses   (Associated Press)
  • Eagle River resident Glenn Gibeault discovered a dead moose on his quarter-acre near Eagle River Road last month.

  •   Reserved Canadians Turn Out for Laughter Classes   (Canadian Press)
  • Dr. Madan Kataria's teachings have inspired people to form clubs and follow his lead in search of the incredible release of unstoppable laughter.

  •   Court Rejects Woman's Licorice Claim   (Associated Press)
  • Judges rejected a woman's claim that candy-giant Haribo did not properly warn her that the quantities of licorice she was consuming could be potentially harmful.

  •   Farmer to Get Diploma After 60 Years   (Associated Press)
  • In 1939, Lionel Castonguay left school in the eighth grade so he could help his father on the family's dairy farm.

  •   Naked Sushi Offer Leads to Fine   (Associated Press)
  • A restaurant in southwestern China has been fined for offering to serve sushi on the bodies of naked women after advertisements for the event sparked a rush of both indignation and curiosity.

  •   Well-Traveled Cat to Reunite with Family   (Associated Press)
  • Billy the cat is one well-traveled feline.