Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Don't Fall for No-Tax Myth   (The Winnipeg Sun)
  • The taxman is warning Canadians not to skip out on filing their tax returns because they think federal income tax is "unconstitutional."

  •   Thousands Try Dancing with Their Dogs   (Associated Press)
  • Straight-faced trainers revealed the finer points of dancing with dogs to about 50 attentive owners at the second annual International Canine Freestyle Conference.

  •   UK and U.S. Submariners to Play North Pole Soccer   (Reuters)
  • Two nuclear submarines, one British and one American, surfaced near the North Pole for an impromptu game of soccer, Britain's Royal Navy said.

  •   'Gladiators' Mark Rome's Anniversary   (Associated Press)
  • Hundreds of fans of ancient Rome dressed up as gladiators and marched by the ruins of the forums to mark the birthday of the city, which legend says was founded on 21 April 2,757 years ago.

  •   Dutchman Takes Cheese on First Space Trip   (Reuters)
  • Armed with his comic book and a lump of cheese, Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers expects his upcoming maiden space mission to be like a camping holiday with friends.

  •   Surgery Available for a Younger Voice   (Associated Press)
  • For patients who think their trembly, raspy or wispy words don't match their newly firm face and figure, there's a procedure that claims to make them sound younger too: the voice lift.

  •   Parents Lie to Get Kids into Good Schools   (Reuters)
  • More than a quarter of parents are willing to lie to get their children into good state-run schools, a survey has found.

  •   DVD Players That Filter Movies for Content Soon to Hit Stores   (Associated Press)
  • People wanting to automatically mute the foul language in "Seabiscuit" or skip the violence in "The Patriot" have a new option — a DVD player from RCA that filters content deemed objectionable.

  •   "Toothing" Latest Hi-Tech Sex Craze   (Reuters)
  • Commuters take note — the respectable person sitting next to you on the train fumbling with their cell phone might be a "toother" looking for sex with a stranger.

  •   Hong Kong Customs Intercepts Canadian Pot   (Associated Press)
  • Hong Kong customs officials arrested five people for allegedly ordering marijuana by mail from Canada with a total local market value of about $269,200.

  •   Undergound Gas Blast Sends 19 Manhole Covers Skyward   (Associated Press)
  • An underground explosion sent 19 manhole covers flying from the pavement in a Hong Kong suburb but no one was injured.

  •   Cash-Strapped School Reaps Profits from Corporate Naming Rights   (Associated Press)
  • Students at Alice Costello School don't go to "the gym" to shoot baskets or "the library" to read books. Thanks to the school district's sale of naming rights, they get their exercise at the ShopRite of Brooklawn Center and flip through books at the Flowers Library and Media Center.