Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Lost Rudolph Valentino Film Discovered in Netherlands   (Associated Press)
  • A copy of Rudolph Valentino's silent film "Beyond the Rocks" has been found in the Netherlands, becoming the only known existing print of the 1922 classic.

  •   Anti-Bush Group Organizes Bake Sales Across the U.S.A. to Raise Money   (Reuters)
  • Raising money to unseat President George W. Bush was a cakewalk for a liberal advocacy group that said it organized at least 1,000 bake sales across the United States to raise money for the effort.

  •   Height a Pain for Ukraine's 'Gulliver'   (Associated Press)
  • At age 33, Leonid Stadnik wishes he would stop growing. He's already 8 feet, 4 inches.

  •   Vietnam's Live Music for the Dead   (Reuters)
  • Hoang Hiep Binh is a fiddler in a music band who never goes on stage to perform and doesn't even play at home to relax since most people within earshot would not want to listen to his tunes. Binh plays a two-stringed fiddle in a band that serves the dead.

  •   Nevada Woman Sues Coors Over Son's Death in Accident   (Associated Press)
  • The mother of a 19-year-old killed in a traffic accident is suing Coors Brewing Co., claiming that it promotes underage drinking.

  •   Dutch Doctors Admit Sex with Patients   (Reuters)
  • Four percent of Dutch male doctors have admitted having sexual contact with one or more patients, a survey shows.

  •   Birders Mourn Falcon Who Nested at Power Plant and Gained Following with Web Cam   (Associated Press)
  • Birders around the world are mourning the death of Mae, the first known peregrine falcon to nest at a power plant, who became an Internet star through a Web cam that allowed thousands to watch her during nesting season.

  •   Spanish Minister Writes to Blair, the "Jerk"   (Reuters)
  • Spain's new Defence Minister Jose Bono, best known abroad for calling Tony Blair a "complete jerk", has written to the prime minister to say it is time to put the comments behind them.

  •   Dog Found Six Days After Surviving Avalanche That Killed Owner   (Associated Press)
  • A Burmese mountain dog escaped an avalanche that killed her owner, and then survived six days in freezing temperatures before being found alive and well.

  •   "Incurious George" — Has President a New Title?   (Reuters)
  • "Incurious," a rarely used word, is making a curious comeback as pundits dust it off to describe President George W. Bush's alleged lack of curiosity about intelligence reports prior to September 11, 2001, according to a California language expert.

  •   Pet Food Fire Destroys North Carolina Office   (Associated Press)
  • Bags of decomposing pet food apparently spontaneously combusted, causing a fire that detroyed the office of an animal rescue group.

  •   Two Women Try to Pay Bill in Pennies   (KBCI-TV, Boise)
  • Two women who live on a fixed income, said they are not pleased with a proposal to raise power rates by 20%. Together they delivered more than 12,000 pennies in a wheel barrow to the lobby of Idaho Power.

  •   Frat Brothers Steal, Fry Jumbo Goldfish   (Associated Press)
  • Two former fraternity brothers were sentenced to community service — but escaped jail — for stealing and eating a jumbo goldfish at the University of California, Santa Cruz.