Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Monkey Undergoes Cataract Surgery   (Associated Press)
  • A monkey at the Buffalo Zoo underwent double cataract surgery to restore part of his vision.

  •   A Mobile Phone That Goes Off with a Bang   (Reuters)
  • When Chan Tin-hon's mobile phone went off, it went off with a bang.

  •   Iowa K-9 Is Top Dog in Sniffing Out Drugs   (Associated Press)
  • A Marshalltown police dog and his handler, Officer Melinda Ruopp, won the 2004 U.S. Police Canine Association national championships in Bay St. Louis, Miss.

  •   Going Wild for the 'Pig Brother' Web Site   (Reuters)
  • A German Web site dubbed "Pig Brother" has attracted more than a million visitors in under two weeks with its 24-hour live Webcam coverage of a family of wild boar.

  •   Nudists Upset About Proposed Dorms   (Associated Press)
  • Beach bums in Vancouver could receive far too much exposure if a proposed pair of high-rise dorms are built on the cliffs above a world-famous nude beach.

  •   Dogs Maintain Pickup Rights in Tennessee   (Associated Press)
  • After much howling in the Legislature, senators decided that dogs can continue riding free in the backs of pickup trucks.

  •   Massachusetts School Aims to Deter Student Trysts   (Associated Press)
  • The Ludlow School Committee has authorized installation of new locks on 13 faculty restrooms in the suburban Springfield high school following a report in the student newspaper that they were being used by students for sexual encounters.

  •   Man Who Carried 32 Razor Blades in Carry-On Luggage Gets More Than 5 Years in Prison   (Associated Press)
  • A man who arrived at the Dallas airport on a flight from Europe with 32 razor blades in his carry-on luggage has been sentenced to more than five years in prison.

  •   Woman Accused of Posing As Reba's Manager   (Associated Press)
  • A 38-year-old Lancaster woman was arrested after she allegedly posed as a tour manager for country singer Reba McEntire and convinced a man to quit his job with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and join the star's tour.