Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Kerry Gets Served Up with 'Waffles'   (USA Today)
  • Some jokers who don't like the Democratic presidential candidate are trying to make his campaign Web site, johnkerry.com, the first answer to a search of the word "waffles" on Google, the No. 1 Internet search engine.

  •   Why It's Easy to Scam Good Guys*   (Los Angeles Times)
  • A person approaches you and claims to be in need. You fork over 20 bucks. It's a setup, but you have adhered to society's rules of trying to help.

  •   Apocryphal Tales from Outer Space   (The Korea Herald)
  • What astronauts said they saw has now spawned a debate in China over what to tell precious minds in the nation's elementary schools over a lovely little legend that, until now, seemed a heartwarming story that built national pride and interest in space.

  •   Briton Bets All on Red — and Wins   (Reuters)
  • A British man who sold all his possessions, including his clothes, stood in a rented tuxedo surrounded by family and friends and bet everything on a single spin of the roulette wheel.

  •   Thieves Return Cranky Alligator   (Associated Press)
  • A four-year-old alligator was stolen from a reptile park north of Sydney, but officials at the zoo said the thieves may have underestimated his moodiness and let him go.

  •   Canadian Antlers Seen Putting Spring in Canine Step   (Reuters)
  • Hurt by export bans after the discovery of brain-wasting diseases in elk and more recently in cattle, Canadian elk farmers have found a new market: they're going to the dogs.

  •   Australians Set Tractor Plow Record   (Associated Press)
  • Farmers in and around the Outback town of Cootamundra, 220 miles west of Sydney, claimed a world record for the largest number of tractors to plow a 500-yard stretch simultaneously.

  •   Pigs Trot to Fame in the Great Escape   (Reuters)
  • Only the British would make national heroes out of two pigs who escaped from a slaughterhouse and made a dash for freedom.

  •   Cell Phones Showing Up in the Places People Go to Get Away From It All   (Associated Press)
  • Cell phones have long been virtually unavoidable on city streets and in shopping malls. But they now are showing up in some of the very places people go to get away from it all: national parks.

  •   Casinos Bet on Gambling Addiction Web Site   (Reuters)
  • Compulsive Australian gamblers seeking help from Gamblers Anonymous are being hit with online casino pop-up advertisements when they visit the Web site of the self-help group.

  •   Children on Easter Egg Hunt Find Guns   (Associated Press)
  • A group of children hunting for Easter eggs during a church event found two loaded handguns outside an elementary school.