Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Police Track Down Elusive Fugitive Pig   (Associated Press)
  • It took one helicopter, four squad cars and two search dogs, but authorities have finally caught up with a suspect who has eluded them for a month — a pig which has been tearing up lawns in an upscale neighborhood.

  •   France Identifies 'Little Prince' Author's Plane   (Reuters)
  • A plane raised from the Mediterranean 60 years after it crashed, killing author Antoine de Saint-Exupery, has been identified and will be put on display in southern France.

  •   Car Trouble Foils Bank Robbery   (Associated Press)
  • A man robbed a bank of $1,800, but his car stalled during the getaway and he was caught quickly.

  •   P&G Still Fighting Amway Over Satanism Rumor   (Associated Press)
  • After nearly a decade of litigation in several states, Procter & Gamble has asked a federal appeals court to reinstate a Texas lawsuit against Amway Corp. over false rumors that P&G was linked to Satanic cults.

  •   Man Sentenced for Stealing, Cleaning Cars   (Associated Press)
  • Colin Sadd, 41, who has 155 previous convictions, was sentenced to six years in jail after pleading guilty to stealing five cars and admitting responsibility for 31 other thefts.

  •   'First' Pet Cat Found in Tomb   (Reuters)
  • What may have been one of the earliest pet cats has been found in a richly furnished tomb in Cyprus.

  •   And the '11th Commandment' Is . . .   (Associated Press)
  • The Methodist Church, together with Christian Web site shipoffools.com, invited drinkers to send in mobile phone text suggestions for an 11th commandment, leaving details of the unusual competition on beer mats in pubs around the nation.

  •   She Closed Airport to Avoid Vacation with Boyfriend   (Reuters)
  • A Croatian woman was convicted of disturbing the peace for phoning a bomb threat to Duesseldorf airport to get out of a vacation with her boyfriend.

  •   Airport Sex Romp   (Toronto Sun)
  • Airport officers said a construction worker and female security guard had slipped into an isolated Canada Customs holding cell to have noontime sex when they accidentally locked themselves in.

  •   Book That Focuses on Periods, Commas and Apostrophes Wins Book Award   (Associated Press)
  • A book about punctuation, an unlikely best seller in any year, has won top prize at the British Book Awards ceremonies.

  •   Prostitutes Charge NATO Troops More   (Associated Press)
  • Prostitutes are charging NATO troops dispatched to Lithuania more than three times as much money as local clients