Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Vampire Bats on Attack in Brazil   (BBC News)
  • Bites from rabies-carrying vampire bats killed 13 people in a north-eastern Brazilian state last month.

  •   Student Takes 'Under God' Out of Pledge, Feels the Heat   (The [Tacoma] News Tribune)
  • A Spanaway Lake High School senior has been banned from TV production assignments for the rest of the year because he altered the Pledge of Allegiance during a student-produced broadcast.

  •   TV Might 'Rewire' the Brains of Young Children   (Associated Press)
  • Young children who watch television face an increased risk of attention deficit problems by school age, a study has found, suggesting that TV might overstimulate and permanently "rewire" the developing brain.

  •   Urban Myths of EU Excesses Take Seed in Eastern Europe   (EUbusiness)
  • In the imaginary world of exaggerated EU excesses, pigs have to be given toys to play with, trawlers must carry at least 200 condoms when they set to sea, and rudely-shaped cucumbers are banned from public sale.

  •   Grumpy Cat Survives Wild Car-Top Ride   (Agence France Presse)
  • A grumpy house cat was the toast of New Zealand traffic authorities after it survived a hairy ride through a city clinging to the roof of a car, with the driver unaware of the drama.

  •   Brawl Breaks Out at Anger Management Assembly   (Associated Press)
  • A brawl broke out during an anger management assembly at a suburban high school.

  •   Man Who Falls in Airport After Drinking on Plane Sues Airline   (Agence France Presse)
  • A man who fell on an escalator at a Florida airport after drinking on a flight has filed suit against US Airways for not having warned him of the dangers of in-flight alcohol consumption.

  •   Reverend Uses 'Simpsons' to Teach Gospel   (Associated Press)
  • Thou shalt not have a cow. So says the gospel according to The Simpsons. America's famous dysfunctional cartoon family will be the subject of a series of evening classes by the Rev. Robin Spittle on the Christian message in the popular show.

  •   Swedish Woman Drunk on Tequila Accuses Bar   (Agence France Presse)
  • A Swedish woman who was taken to hospital after downing five tequila shots in as many minutes has pressed charges against the bar that served her, claiming the liquor contained more than the permitted alcohol level.