Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Jennifer Tilly Isn't Meg's Nude Body Double   (Zap2it.com)
  • It's the most irritatingly persistent rumor that Jennifer Tilly has tried to quash for the past decade — and she blames the Internet.

  •   Braving Bullying Hecklers, Simulants Run for President*   (The New York Times)
  • Ashley Richardson, a diva from the modeling world, is running for president. If this sounds strange, it may be worth noting that this campaign is being fought not in the United States but in Alphaville, a virtual community that exists within the role-playing game The Sims Online.

  •   No Sex Please — We're Giant Pandas   (Reuters)
  • Giant pandas show little interest in sex behind bars, but China nevertheless is looking forward to a baby boom this year with 10 females already pregnant and 23 in heat.

  •   Small New Zealand Town Revels in the Running of the Sheep   (Associated Press)
  • A small New Zealand town reached for some of the glamor and danger of the Spanish bull-run city of Pamplona by running 2,000 woolly sheep through the middle of town.

  •   Booze-Flavoured Ice Cream Chills Activists   (Reuters)
  • A new vodka-flavoured ice cream launched in Australia has provoked an outcry from groups worried it would give children a taste for alcohol.

  •   Timberwolves Fan Storms Court for Szczerbiak   (Associated Press)
  • The Timberwolves' otherwise uneventful 91-73 win over the Washington Wizards was livened up in the final minute, when a young woman emerged from the corner of the court, tried to block Gary Trent's shot, ran around for a little bit and then raced toward heart-throb Wally Szczerbiak.

  •   A New Era in Treating Imaginary Ills*   (The New York Times)
  • Every doctor recognizes them: The man who discovers a bruise on his thigh and becomes convinced that it is leukemia. The woman who examines her breasts so frequently that she makes them tender, then decides that the soreness means she has cancer. The man who has suffered from heartburn all his life but after reading about esophageal cancer has no question that he has it.

  •   General MacArthur Shall Return, to Toy Stores   (Associated Press)
  • A limited-edition toy version of the five-star general will soon invade store shelves around the country.

  •   On the Web, Vengeance Is Mine (and Mine)   (The New York Times)
  • It should come as little surprise that the online world — for good or ill — is teeming with vigilantes who take matters into their own hands.

  •   Catholic School Teacher Fired After "Passion" Assignment   (Associated Press)
  • A teacher at a Catholic school said he was fired for offering extra credit to his seventh-graders for watching "The Passion of the Christ."