Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Quest for Health, Sex, Exotic Food in China Wiping Out Wildlife in Southeast Asia   (Associated Press)
  • Millions of people still believe that rhino horn prevents convulsions, pickled turtle flippers increase longevity and fresh snake blood makes for a potent aphrodisiac. And with China's growing affluence, more can afford exotic wildlife dishes once served only at banquets of the elite.

  •   Parrot Still in Customs Solitary   (Toronto Sun)
  • Togo the anthem-singing American grey parrot may soon be whistling Jailhouse Rock as he languishes behind bars waiting for his owners to face the music.

  •   419 Scam Claims Florida Man   ([New York] Newsday)
  • Rupert Sessions has lost his West African connection, but only after he went for broke. The Florida man's financial unraveling began in February 2002 with an e-mail from Togo and fizzled last fall after he ran out of money.

  •   Streaker Interrupts Skating Championships   (Associated Press)
  • A streaker bypassed security at the world championships, skated onto the ice and put on a tutu as defending champion Michelle Kwan was about to perform in the finals.

  •   What Led a 92-Year-Old to a Life of Crime?   (Associated Press)
  • "Red" Rountree recently became the oldest known bank robber in U.S. history. He was 91.

  •   Beating Drug Tests a 'Major Industry'   (Associated Press)
  • Put 30 drug testing workers in a room together for a few hours and it isn't long before they start trading strange — and somewhat indelicate — tales of urine collection.