Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Young Man Marries Own Grandmother   (Reuters)
  • A 25-year-old Indian man has married his 80-year-old grandmother because he wanted to take care of her.

  •   Virgin Atlantic Cans Lip-Shaped Urinals in U.S.   (Reuters)
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways has scrapped plans to install bright-red urinals shaped like women's open lips at New York's John F Kennedy International Airport, saying it had received complaints they were offensive.

  •   New Jersey Man's Soup Sparks Cannibalism Probe   (Associated Press)
  • Victor Salazar went to the hospital with back pain and had an X-ray that raised questions about his diet, not his spine.

  •   Workers Suing Over Man in See-Through Shorts   (Reuters)
  • Former employees of Whole Foods Market have sued the natural foods supermarket operator, saying it did not take proper action to prevent a male customer from parading through a Santa Fe store wearing white, see-through biking shorts with no underwear.

  •   Suspected Robber Leaves Behind Wallet   (Associated Press)
  • A man accused of robbing a convenience store left a big clue behind for investigators — his wallet.

  •   Muslim Veil Could Cut Cancer Risk?   (Reuters)
  • Veiled women are protecting more than their modesty — they are also less prone to nose and throat cancers because their veils screen out viruses, a Canadian doctor was quoted as saying.

  •   Escaped Gorilla Terrifies Zoo Goers   (Reuters)
  • Zoo goers have described a scene of fear, chaos and violence when a gorilla escaped from its habitat and went on a rampage, injuring four people before police shot the animal to death.

  •   Red Lobster to Trim All-You-Can-Eat Deals   (Associated Press)
  • Darden Restaurants Inc. said its Red Lobster chain will cut back on all-you-can-eat promotions, which generated customer traffic but hurt profit margins.

  •   Crowd Storms Restaurant Over Alcohol   (Reuters)
  • Some 100 Bahraini Islamists shouting "God is Greatest" stormed a French restaurant serving alcohol in the pro-Western Gulf Arab state and threatened diners with knives.

  •   Nutritionists Give Thumbs Up to Big Mac?   (Reuters)
  • Want to stay fit and healthy? Two top French nutritionists are telling people to go for a Big Mac and keep their fingers off the traditional French quiche.

  •   Horse Head Found in Utah Park   (Associated Press)
  • A horse head and a bag of a horse's internal organs were found in a city park.

  •   Man Seeks $65,000 for Flawed Alimony Ruling   (Reuters)
  • A Swedish man who paid alimony for 13 years for a child he knew was not his has been proven right and now wants half a million crowns ($65,000) in compensation.