Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   NYC Couple Sues Over Falling 'Iceberg'   (Associated Press)
  • A couple who say they were nearly killed by a 300-pound ice chunk that crashed through their apartment's roof and shattered on the bed where they were laying have sued the owner of the building next door.

  •   Book Puts Joplin's Urban Myths to Rest   (Associated Press)
  • Did you hear about how the health department busted a local Chinese-food restaurant for having a cat in the freezer? Did you know that Joplin has a large gay population and that it's second in size only to San Francisco?

  •   Florida Man Killed After Gyroplane's Blades Fly off, Strike Him in Head   (Associated Press)
  • A man learning to fly a gyroplane was killed when the aircraft's rotary blades broke off and struck him in the head.

  •   'Wardrobe Malfunction' Is Top Phrase   (Associated Press)
  • A group that analyzes the latest trends in word usage declared "wardrobe malfunction" as Hollywood's Top Word or Phrase for Impact on the English language.

  •   Hoax Soaks Aliso Viejo*   (Los Angeles Times)
  • City officials fall for an Internet prank and draft a law to curb the risks of dihydrogen monoxide.

  •   96-Year-Old Woman Says She Doesn't Know How Drugs Got in Wheelchair   (Associated Press)
  • A 96-year-old woman facing drug charges said she does not know how the crack cocaine deputies found on her got into her wheelchair.

  •   A Florida Town Asks Itself: Did Banning Satan by Proclamation Make a Difference?   (Associated Press)
  • It truly was an ambitious undertaking: But Carolyn Risher, mayor of a Florida coastal hamlet of shrimp fishermen and God-fearing folk, believed the hour had come to cleanse her town of the giver of evil. Of Satan himself.