Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Ohio Salad Arrives with Piece of a Thumb   (Associated Press)
  • The severed tip of a restaurant worker's thumb was found in a customer's salad.

  •   Vibrator Prompts Bomb Squad Alert   (Reuters)
  • Austrian police called in a bomb squad when a pedestrian reported a buzzing package in a garbage can, but the object turned out to be a vibrator wrapped up with dirty movies and magazines.

  •   Man Charged with Flashing at McDonald's   (Associated Press)
  • Police have charged a 28-year-old man with exposing himself while picking up food at a McDonald's takeout window.

  •   "Abide with Me" Is Top Musical Hallucination   (Reuters)
  • "Abide with Me", a hymn penned in the mid-1800s, is one of the most common tunes heard in musical hallucinations, a psychiatrist says.

  •   Road Closed So Salamanders Can Mate   (Associated Press)
  • A parade of randy salamanders forced the periodic closure of an East Brunswick road as police stopped traffic from squishing the ardent amphibians.

  •   Court Says No to State-Funded Brothel Trips   (Reuters)
  • A German court rejected a legal bid by an unemployed man who wanted the state to provide him with free pornography and trips to brothels because his wife is in Thailand.

  •   Charges Dropped in Wyoming Catnapping Case   (Associated Press)
  • Charges were dropped against a man accused of kidnapping his neighbor's cat and holding it for ransom.

  •   Three-Headed, Six-Legged Frog Spawns Biological Query in Britain   (BBC News)
  • Wildlife experts in Britain were left dumbfounded after claiming the unique discovery of a frog with three croaking heads and six legs.

  •   Nationwide Easter Bunny Count   (Reuters)
  • Eight hundred volunteer wildlife watchers will be deployed throughout Germany in a giant rabbit count aimed at giving the clearest picture yet of the nation's endangered bunny population.

  •   Students Offered Elvish Language Lessons   (Associated Press)
  • It's central England, not Middle Earth, but one school is offering its pupils the chance to learn Elvish.

  •   Performer Thrown Off the Air Over Obscenity   (Reuters)
  • A popular Asian-American radio commentator has been thrown off a Los Angeles public radio station for using a four-letter word, becoming the latest casualty in the cultural war over obscenity on the airwaves.