Urban Legends Reference Pages: Daily Snopes: ()   Elvis and Shergar Bet Defies Odds   (Reuters)
  • Any bookmaker would give generous odds against a verified sighting of Elvis Presley in London. Should the late American singer ride into town on the slain Irish racehorse Shergar, the odds would lengthen.

  •   Australian Doctors Reattach Man's Hand Severed in Brawl   (Agence France Presse)
  • Surgeons in Australia have reattached a young man's hand that was severed in a brawl and found by police after he arrived at a hospital without it.

  •   Baghdad Tops Worst Place Poll   (Reuters)
  • Baghdad, which suffered war and occupation in 2003, ranked the worst place to live in the world in a survey.

  •   New Hong Kong News Channel Gives Viewers the Naked Truth   (Agence France Presse)
  • Hong Kong viewers will get the naked truth on a new TV news show presented by nude newsreaders.

  •   Ice Swimmers Take Plunge at World Championships   (Reuters)
  • Some 300 racers have taken the plunge in this year's world icepool swimming championship in the Arctic north of Finland.

  •   Japanese Conference States Robots' Rules of Order   (Canadian Press)
  • Six decades after science-fiction author Isaac Asimov formulated his Three Laws of Robotics, the World Robot Conference has issued its own three-part list of "expectations for next-generation robots."

  •   Woman Gets Divorce Papers 42 Years Late   (Reuters)
  • A Jordanian woman has received formal divorce papers 42 years after her husband left, and long after she remarried and had children.

  •   J.Lo, Affleck Dominate Worst-Film Awards   (Associated Press)
  • The honeymoon's over for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, but their mob-comedy flop "Gigli" really cleaned up at the Razzies, the first movie to take all six top trophies in the annual dishonorable-mention awards.

  •   Tonly Blair "Once Slept on Park Bench"   (Reuters)
  • Prime Minister Tony Blair once slept rough on a bench after travelling to London in a failed bid to become a rock star.

  •   British Couple Marry in Supermarket   (Associated Press)
  • Instead of walking down the aisle, the bride — and her 11 bridesmaids — glided up a supermarket escalator.

  •   Dutch Cat Burglar Caught Napping on Job   (Reuters)
  • A Dutch cat burglar was caught napping on a couch during a nocturnal heist and arrested.

  •   Big-Drinking Finns Prepare for Price Cut   (Associated Press)
  • Hundreds of trucks prepared to roll onto frozen roads in Finland, stocked with beer and hard cider for a population that eagerly awaits a historic government measure that will cut alcohol prices by nearly 40 percent.

  •   Italy Town Sets Down Pet-Pampering Laws   (Reuters)
  • Pet owners in a central Italian town must pamper their dogs, cats and birds and even show mercy to supper-time lobsters or face fines as high as 500 euros.