Snakes Alive!

Urban legends involving snakes.

Man has been been bedeviled by the snake ever since the Garden of Eden. Slithering serpents continue to rear their heads in our folklore, wreaking havoc in our places of amusement and turning our celebrations of life into dismal tragedies.

Red bullet Bride dies from snake bite while posing for wedding photos in botanical garden.

Red bullet Venomous snakes lurk in the ball pits of fast food restaurants.

White bullet Rattlesnake fang embedded in boots kills several generations of owners.

White bullet Waterskier falls into underwater nest of snakes.

White bullet Boy mistakes baby snakes for worms while fishing.

White bullet Bargain-hunting shopper is fatally bitten by snake lurking in winter coat.

White bullet Garter snake let loose in a car leads to an escalating set of accidents.

White bullet Child on amusement park ride fatally bit by snakes lurking within.

Red bullet "Affectionate" python is really just measuring its intended victim.

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