Beastly Mishaps

Urban legends about man, beasts, and accidents.

All human dealings are fraught with the potential for things to go wrong, and when animals are factored into the equation, that potential grows mightily. Failure to properly assess the situation, understand how things work, or plan for eventualities can lead to horrifying or hilarious results that usually victimize the hapless creature roped into the fray.

White bullet Eagle makes off with beloved pet pooch.

White bullet Carpet installer pounds bump flat, then discovers family pet is missing.

White bullet Woman attempts to dry pet in microwave oven.*

White bullet Kitten is catapulted over treetops during rescue attempt.

White bullet Firemen successfully rescue stranded cat then run over it.

White bullet Family pet chases ball tossed out the window of a highrise building.

White bullet Rock to which goat is tethered is heaved down hole in the ground.

White bullet Animal tied to railway crossing gate is accidentally hanged when gate goes up.

White bullet Destructive act is blamed on convenient pet.

White bullet Planned disposal of one animal precipitates the shooting of others.

White bullet Overanxious visitor unthinkingly sits on the family dog and crushes it.

White bullet Dutiful son sends expensive talking bird to Mom, who mistakes it for a game bird and eats it.

Green bullet Dog dies when it bites down on tennis ball bomb.

White bullet Match used to splint a budgie's injured leg ignites and causes the bird to explode.

White bullet Tranquilizer given to cat causes opposite reaction.

White bullet Naive hunters mistake one type of animal for another.

White bullet Soldier throws snooty lady's dog off train; bystander comments he'd gotten rid of the wrong irritant.

Red bullet Freed lobsters quickly recaptured by fishermen.

Green bullet Cats have been injured or killed after seeking shelter in and around cars for warmth.

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