Lethal Lurkers

We like to think that the division between the parts of the planet inhabited by man and the parts that form the domains of wild animals is a clear one. We stay in our world; they stay in theirs. When animals are invited into our world, it's because we think we can control them: they're pets, they're domesticated livestock, or they're kept in cages where they can't hurt us. Sometimes the mice upset the best-laid plans of the men, however . . .

White bullet Tourist in foreign country brings home stray dog, then learns it's actually a rat.

Red bullet Alligators dwell in the sewers beneath New York City.

White bullet Giant catfish frighten divers sent to repair dams.

Red bullet Love Bugs are the result of a genetic experiment gone wrong.

Red bullet Thousands of Japanese pet owners were victimized by swindlers who sold them sheep and told them they were poodles

Red bullet A man in Ireland killed by the bite of a deadly redback spider

green bullet Kissing bugs, which can spread the parasite that causes Chagas Disease, have been found in the United States.

Red bullet A photograph of tick eggs is circulating on Facebook.