Incredible Edibles

Although human beings are omnivores who consume a wide array of other animals, we also have some very strict societal taboos about what kinds of critters we won't eat. Household pets are off-limits, and once an animal — whatever its species — has been made our companion, we no longer consider it fair game for the "edible" category. Thereby come the legends below, tales that express our revulsion at the thought of others (even outsiders to our culture) breaking those taboos.

Red bullet The cast of TV's Green Acres ate Arnold Ziffel at the series' wrap party.*

Red bullet Korean company solicits American shelters for dogs to turn into soup.

White bullet Farmer mistakes inscription on a wild bird's leg band for cooking instructions.

Red bullet Tourists dining at a Chinese restaurant are served a dish made from their own dog.

Green bullet Legislation passed by the U.S. government allows horses to be slaughtered for food in that country.

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