Crusader Habit

The truth about campaigns to save various animals and warnings about product-related dangers to pets.

Those who love animals feel something die inside when they hear of creatures being mistreated or unnecessarily put at risk. Appeals for help and warnings about products dangerous to pets hit us right where we live; we forward them on in the hope that our small action can somehow make a difference in saving the life of an animal at risk. Unfortunately, all too often these warnings omit important facts or contain information that is distorted or wrong.

Red bullet Signing an e-petition will convince the Air Force to retire its colony of space chimps instead of turning them over to a research facility.

Green bullet 6,500 minks set free by animal rights activists rampaged through the British countryside.

Red bullet Rice thrown at weddings is dangerous to birds.

Green bullet The Chinese are raising St. Bernard dogs for food.*

Green bullet Crafters have been asked to knit sweaters for oil-soaked penguins.

Red bullet A litter of Golden Retriever puppies is about to be euthanized unless homes are quickly found for them.

Red bullet A sanctuary for dogs is maintained on a "dog island" off the coast of Florida.

Green bullet Theobromine, a chemical found in cocoa mulch, can be harmful to pets.

Multi-colored bullet The nine mixed-breed abandoned puppies shown in a photo need homes.

Green bullet Raisins and grapes can be harmful to dogs.

Red bullet The Swiffer WetJet poses a general danger to household pets.

Red bullet A web site provides information and equipment for making 'bonsai kittens.'

Red bullet Fellow threatens to eat his pet rabbit unless $50,000 is donated through his web site.

Green bullet Deadly canine flu sweeps through the U.S.

Multi-colored bullet Fisherman on Réunion Island employ live dogs as bait for shark-fishing.

Red bullet Huntingdon Life Sciences is offering to pay cash for cats and dogs rescued from New Orleans.

Yellow bullet Greenies brand dental chews pose a general danger to dogs.

Red bullet Ordinary use of Ultra Clorox bleach poses a general danger to household pets.

Red bullet Ordinary use of Febreze brand fabric refresher poses a general danger to household pets.

Green bullet Diamond Pet Brands recall underway due to potential Salmonella contamination.

Green bullet Newspaper article describes an ensnared whale who seemingly thanked her rescuers.

Red bullet The web site sells mass-produced, bioengineered pets.

Green bullet Household paper shredders can pose a danger to children and pets.

Red bullet Pending California legislation mandates the extermination of pit bulls.

Red bullet An animal shelter will soon be closing for good and will euthanize all their animals that are not adopted before then.

Yellow bullet Mold in Beneful dog food is harming dogs.

Green bullet A number of pet foods manufactured by Menu Foods (sold under a variety of labels) have been recalled.

Green bullet Xylitol (a sugar substitute used in sugar-free gum) can be harmful to dogs.

Yellow bullet A Costa Rican artist starved a dog to death as part of a gallery exhibit.

Yellow bullet E-mail warns that ProMeris brand flea and tick protection may cause allergic reactions or illness in cats and dogs.

Green bullet Four Paws withdrew a "pimple ball" dog toy from the market following reports of injuries to dogs.

Multi-colored bullet Two Labradors named Cookie and Coco need a home.

Green bullet Sago palm is poisonous to pets.

Red bullet Dogs not adopted after the closure of the Dairyland Greyhound Park will be euthanized.

Multi-colored bullet Dog that eats child's stuffed toy that contains flame retardant dies.

Red bullet 52 thoroughbred horses are destined for slaughter if adopters are not found for them soon.

Multi-colored bullet Exer-Hide brand rawhide chew products have been causing seizures and deaths in dogs.

Multi-colored bullet Nails have been found in pieces of cheese left in dog parks.

Multi-colored bullet A dog named Parrot was murdered by a police officer during a Washington DC festival.

Yellow bullet Chicken jerky treats from China have been determined to cause illness in dogs.

Yellow bullet Photograph seeks help in identifying youths pictured hanging a puppy.

Green bullet A McDonald's advertisement described petting pit bulls as a "risky" behavior.

Red bullet The Humane Society will donate $1 towards the care of an abused puppy every time his photo is shared.

Green bullet Living turtles and fish are packaged in plastic bags and sold as souvenir keyrings in China.

Multi-colored bullet Eating gum thrown on the ground causes birds to die.

Yellow bullet Persons in Oregon are obtaining free animals through Craigslist ads to use for target shooting practice.

Yellow bullet After 'Elephant Whisperer' Lawrence Anthony died, groups of wild elephants traveled miles to visit his home.

Red bullet Hundreds of decommissioned bomb-sniffing Marine Corps dogs are in need of adoption by the public.

Yellow bullet The flowering plant heliotrope is toxic to dogs and can cause death to those who ingest it.

Yellow bullet Hartz brand flea and tick products are harmful to pets.

Red bullet A Texas business provides big game hunters with an opportunity to participate in "horse hunt adventures."

Yellow bullet A dog died after picking up a poisoned Nerf football in a dog park.

Yellow bullet Photograph shows dog heads for sale in a foreign supermarket's meat section.

Green bullet Several rescued horses in the Niagara Falls area are in need of adoption.

Yellow bullet Trifexis brand parasite prevention tablets have caused the deaths of a large number of dogs.

Green bullet Ugg boots are made from sheepskin.

Green bullet Photograph shows a cat burned by the spillage of a cinnamon reed diffuser.

Green bullet Image shows newspaper account of a kitten who nearly died from being fed a vegan diet.

Red bullet Giving your dog ice or ice water on a hot day is likely to cause it to die from bloating and spasms.

Yellow bullet Purina Cat Chow caused several cats to become ill and die.

Multi-colored bullet A kitten died after consuming chemicals sprayed on a Home Depot Christmas tree.

Red bullet Pedigree Jumbone treats are being recalled.

Multi-colored bullet PETA is stealing family pets and euthanizing them.

Red bullet EverPet dog and cat food is made in China and has caused pets to fall ill and die.

Yellow bullet Dynamic Pet Products Real Ham Bone caused several dogs to fall ill and die.

Red bullet Canine Carry Outs contain antifreeze and present a danger to dogs.

Red bullet A dog named Lucky suffered an adverse reaction after he was treated with Frontline Plus flea and tick remedy.

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