Critter Country

Urban legends and folklore about animals.

Pity the poor animal — rarely does anything good happen to him in the realm of urban legends. If he isn't the object of some unfortunate mishap, he's being treated cruelly, causing a calamity, being unceremoniously disposed of, or forming the main course of someone's meal. And when the animal's turn to be the star of the story comes, it's usually because he's attacked some unsuspecting human being. Since we like to provide our readers with all the creature comforts of home, we've given our friendly critters their due and included a fair share of tales that highlight the lighter side of the animal kingdom as well.
Bear Malice Bear Malice
Animals that turn on humans.
In the Gnus In the Gnus
Creatures in the news.
Beastly Mishaps Beastly Mishaps
Things go wrong for our four-legged friends.
Incredible Edibles Incredible Edibles
Beloved pets cooked to order.
Brute Farce Brute Farce
If at all possible, involve a cow.
Lethal Lurkers Lethal Lurkers
Creatures all around us that we don't normally spare a thought to.
Callous Cruelty Callous Cruelty
Good animals treated badly.
Noble Defenders Noble Defenders
Critters that stand up for us.
Crusader Habit Crusader Habit
Saving our four-legged friends.
Snakes Alive! Snakes Alive!
That which slithers.
Dubious Disposals Dubious Disposals
1001 uses for a dead cat.
Wild Inaccuracies Wild Inaccuracies
Odd (and usually false) beliefs about animals.

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