Crime Warnings

Warnings about criminals and criminal activity.

The Internet is awash in messages warning us to be wary of dangerous criminals. Here we try to sort through them and separate fact from fiction, the real from the spurious.

Red bullet Fun-loving teens are lobbing lit gasoline-soaked rags into cars halted at red lights in a deadly game called spunkball.*

Red bullet A murderer using the name of "Slavemaster" is luring women to their deaths over the Internet.*

Green bullet Police have discovered guns disguised as cell phones.

Red bullet Thieves who work shopping malls are robbing women in washrooms and leaving them naked.

Multi-colored bullet College student who dials #77 on her cell phone evades a rapist pretending to be a police officer.

Yellow bullet E-mail offers sniper-avoidance tips from an experienced "SWAT sniper."

White bullet Female motorist at gas station is warned about the armed and dangerous man hiding in the back seat of her car.*

Red bullet A serial killer in Baton Rouge lures women from their homes by playing a recording of a crying baby.

Multi-colored bullet Cars have been stolen by thieves who wrote down VINs and used them to obtain duplicate keys through auto dealerships.

Red bullet A serial killer is luring women to their deaths with $5 bills they've 'dropped.'

Yellow bullet Groups of gang members are committing robberies and carjackings in Round Rock, Texas.

Red bullet Hotel room keycards are encoded with personal information which can be easily harvested by thieves.

Green bullet Scammers pretend to be fraud investigation agents for Visa and MasterCard in order to obtain credit card security codes.

Yellow bullet Thieves are using camera cell phones to capture credit card information.

Multi-colored bullet Houston police are looking for robbers who use their vehicles to bump the cars of their victims.

Red bullet Parking lot carjackers are placing flyers on the rear windshields of automobiles, then taking the cars when drivers step out of their vehicles to remove the flyers.

Red bullet Woman narrowly escapes abduction attempt in the parking lot of a Cedar Falls Wal-Mart.

Green bullet Kryptonite brand locks can be picked with ordinary Bic pens.

Green bullet A gap between an object and its reflection is a way to distinguish two-way mirrors from ordinary mirrors.

Multi-colored bullet E-mail chronicles various ways scammers might obtain your credit card numbers.

Red bullet Robbers in shopping mall parking lots are using ether-filled perfume bottles to render their victims unconscious.

Red bullet Rapists are using little children who appear to be lost to lure victims.

Red bullet Abduction attempt foiled at a Wal-Mart in Saginaw, Texas.

Red bullet Woman robbed in Garland, Texas, by a thief who injected her with an unknown substance.

Red bullet Man in Chattanooga pretending to be drunk fools women drivers into thinking they've hit him as a way of luring them from their vehicles.

Red bullet Rapist prowling a Target store parking lot uses an elderly woman in distress to lure his victims.

Red bullet E-mail describes a case of three women being slipped Rohypnol by a St. Louis bartender and then raped.

Red bullet Michigan state police have issued a warning about an online predator named Jason Stallings.

Red bullet Assailant disables female target's car by putting sugar water in her gas tank, causing vehicle to die in an isolated location.

Green bullet Some residence locks are vulnerable to unauthorized entry through the use of "bump keys."

Yellow bullet Woman in UK jabbed with unknown substance by panhandler.

Red bullet Smugglers hide drugs in Canadian vehicles parked at U.S. shopping malls, then follow them across the border.

Multi-colored bullet ATM users in the UK are robbed by newspaper distributors who jostle their victims during transactions.

Red bullet Maryland gangs are engaging in a deadly initiation game that requires new members to steal cars and shoot motorists on highways.

Green bullet E-mail describes an "acid bomb" left to explode on a residential porch.

Multi-color bullet Memo from Louisiana government official warns about a Wal-Mart check theft ring.

Red bullet E-mail describes an attempted rape in Vacaville, California.

Red bullet Bulletin warns of a new drug called "Jenkem," made by fermenting raw sewage.

Red bullet Thieves at shopping malls are placing sharpened spikes up against the tires of shoppers' vehicles with an eye to disabling these vehicles and robbing shoppers who are attempting to drive home.

Yellow bullet Several homicides in the Florida/Georgia area are all the work of a single serial killer who dismembers his victims.

Multi-color bullet E-mail describes an attempted robbery at a Wichita, Kansas, convenience store.

Red bullet Gang initiates in Montgomery, Alabama, are sneaking into cars at service stations and raping white female motorists.

Multi-colored bullet Propane tanks rendered dangerous to use because they've been used in the manufacture of methamphetamine are being returned to stores and resold.

Red bullet Gas purchaser fails to press "clear" after refueling; additional charges subsequently appear on card.

Red bullet Criminals at gas stations are handing out key rings with transmitters that enable them to track potential burglary or carjacking victims.

Red bullet Criminals in the U.S. are using burundanga-soaked business cards to incapacitate their victims.

Multi-colored bullet E-mail warns about a carjacking attempt in Whittier, California.

Green bullet Thieves steal women's purses from restroom stalls, the burgle the empty houses when victims go to retrieve their "found" handbags.

Yellow bullet Car thieves at the Deerbrook Mall place baskets under cars to lure drivers out of their vehicles.

Multi-colored bullet Criminal gangs in Arlington are staging medical emergencies to lure drivers out of their cars and rob them.

Red bullet Robbers fling eggs at cars to impair drivers' vision.

Multi-colored bullet Thieves drill hole under vehicle's door handle, break in, steal only one item, then use auto's GPS to locate car owner's home for future burglary.

Green bullet Plastic soda bottles left in unsuspecting residents' yards may be bottle bombs.

Red bullet A woman approached by a stranger at a gas station was injected with a knockout drug via a handshake.

Red bullet Attempted abduction at Westfield Mall in Toledo.

Red bullet Stalker tracks women by offering Ugg boots for sale.

Multi-colored bullet Police are looking for a beating suspect named Dusty Wes Edwards.

Red bullet Criminals are marking homes with colored stickers in order to steal dogs for use in dogfighting events.

Green bullet A man named Joshua Max Gallagher severely beat a 17-month-old girl.

Green bullet Jesse Shedd is wanted by the police for beating an autistic woman named Ashley Hamilton.

Red bullet Door-to-door booksellers with Slavic accents are actually targeting young girls for sex trafficking.

Green bullet "Sliders" steal women's purses while their owners are busy pumping gas.

Green bullet Photos taken with smartphones can provide others with the locations of the children pictured.

Multi-colored bullet List written by a cop details crime prevention tips.

Red bullet Gangs are planning a multi-city murder spree in imitation of the film Purge 2.

Red bullet Child predators use Facebook to source victims by adding unsuspecting parents as friends.

Red bullet Operatives of ISIS are marking Christian homes.

Red bullet ISIS operatives go door to door in Michigan, killing military families in cold blood.

Red bullet Criminals are modifying "super soaker" water guns to conceal shotguns or other large firearms.

Multi-colored bullet Gang members are targeting police vehicles and civilians with PBA stickers, and loosening the lug nuts on the cars' tires.

Red bullet Air travelers are at risk of arrest for unwittingly transporting contraband in modified water bottles.

Multi-colored bullet A convicted sex offender named Herb Carlyle is using social media sites to interact with children.

Multi-colored bullet Parents should be extra careful with their children during the annual "Alice Day" celebration on April 25.

Red bullet A man named John Fawcett is at large and suspected of sexually abusing a child.

Red bullet Mothers who post their children's names, birth dates, and birth weights on Facebook for Mother's Day are exposing their children to scammers and criminals.

Red bullet Criminals are marking houses and cars with a set of symbols to tip off fellow thieves.

Red bullet A father and son were gravely sickened at an Omaha Ramada resort by a hotel coffee pot was used to cook meth by a previous guest.

Red bullet A female shopper at a Tampa-area Target store was targeted by child sex trafficking operatives.

Red bullet Victims of domestic violence can secretly signal for help by drawing black dots on their palms.

Red bullet Blue lines painted on curbs signify a residence wherein a police officer can reliably find back-up.

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