Safety Zone

Legends about people who mistakenly believe themselves to be the victims of crimes.

Sometimes crime-related legends don't involve crime at all — they're humorous tales of people who mistakenly believe they've been victimized or odd reportings of crimes that never were.

White bullet Dough from an exploded biscuit canister leads a woman to believe she's been shot.

White bullet Man battles thief for purloined watch.

White bullet Stranger sharing old lady's table keeps helping himself to what she thinks are her cookies.

White bullet Old lady pulls gun on men she finds sitting in her car, then discovers that it's not her car.*

White bullet Jogger runs down pickpocket and takes back his property, then finds his 'stolen' wallet at home.

White bullet Woman on elevator falls to the ground when black man tells her to "Hit the floor."*

Multi-colored bullet Man who can't motivate police to investigate a break-in attempt at his home reports a shooting instead.

Green bullet Some older model cordless phones call 911 by themselves when their batteries are dying.

Green bullet A tomato calls 911.

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