Crime Prevention Tips

Tips on how to avoid becoming victims of various types of crime and fraud.

Various tips and suggestions circulate online about how to avoid becoming the victim of crime, but not all are accurate.

Multi-colored bullet Pressing a sequence of keys on your cell phone will produce a serial number that can be used to disable it in case of theft.

Multi-colored bullet Paramedic advocates cell phone users create "In Case of Emergency" (ICE) entries in their address books, but such entries leave phones vulnerable to attack.

Multi-colored bullet Nine safety tips e-mail offers effective counters to being victimized in random violent crime.

Multi-colored bullet When being burglarized, use your car alarm to summon help.

Multi-colored bullet Your cell phone's "location" feature will enable searchers to find you.

Red bullet Heeding the advice given in a popular e-mail missive will keep you from becoming a rape victim.

Green bullet Home invasion criminals have gained entry to houses by pretending to be distressed persons in need of shelter from attackers.

Multi-colored bullet A can of wasp spray is a preferable alternative to pepper spray for protection against assailants.

Green bullet Massachusetts offers a "Silent 911 Call" procedure for those who cannot speak openly to emergency dispatchers.

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