Moot Loot

Legends about thieves whose loot turned out to be something other than the expected.

Criminals don't always get what they bargain for. Here we present a collection of tales regarding thieves who found their stolen loot wasn't quite what they expected it to be.

White bullet Thief steals shopping bag containing dead cat.*

White bullet Clever people enticed thieves into "stealing" their trash during garbage strikes by gift-wrapping it.

White bullet Thieves make off with a suitcase, only to find it contains a wildcat.*

White bullet Officer worker raiding lunchroom refrigerator inadvertently steals lactating mom's breast milk.*

White bullet Would-be gasoline thief gets a mouthful he'll never forget when he siphons the wrong tank on an RV.*

White bullet Auto thieves inadvertently steal body of dead grandmother along with family's car.*

White bullet Burglars mistake cremains for cocaine.*

White bullet Canadian cops stop malfunctioning car, American occupants assume "about to be frisked" position.

Green bullet Mistaken belief that car radios in Fords contain chips that pick up satellite TV spurs car vandals.

White bullet Mafia neighbor helps crime victims by effecting return of stolen goods.

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