Crime and Punishment

Urban legends about crime.

Urban legends deal with our fears and worries, so a good many of them fall within a category encompassing crime and criminals. Not only do we have concerns about others' preying on us and our property; we also laugh at the ones foolish enough to get caught and cheer the police who outwit them.
Clever Crooks Clever Crooks
Outsmarted by the ill-intentioned.
Just Deserts Just Deserts
Bad guys get what's coming to them.
Cops on Top Cops on Top
Sometimes the good guys win.
Moot Loot Moot Loot
When the swag doesn't live up to expectations.
Crime Prevention Tips Crime Prevention Tips
Staying safe in a crime-ridden world.
Safety Zone Safety Zone
Of those who mistakenly believe they've been victimized.
Criminal Intent Criminal Intent
How crooks go about their business.
Statistics Statistics
Stats the way I like it.
Dumb-de-DUMB-Dumb Dumb-de-DUMB-Dumb
Stupid criminals behaving naturally.
Vigilante Justice Vigilante Justice
Ordinary folks fight back.
Fraud Squad Fraud Squad
Frauds you should be on the lookout for.
Warnings Warnings
Warnings about crime in your area.
Gang Way Gang Way
Gang initiations and other such activities.

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