Cops on Top

If there's anything more satisfying than seeing clever criminals get nabbed by the law, it's seeing them tripped up by police who outsmart them.

White bullet Police fool a criminal into confessing through a ruse involving a photocopier and a colander.*

Red bullet Drug runner evades detection by driving a fast black car at night while wearing night vision goggles.*

Green bullet A speeder caught by photo radar mails the police a picture of money to pay his fine.*

Red bullet The DEA has been erecting billboards announcing an upcoming crackdown on the drug supply.

White bullet Quick-thinking cop has a bit of fun with a drunk stuck in the snow by pretending to run alongside his car.*

Yellow bullet Woman calls police because a fast food outlet won't make a cheeseburger the way she wants it.

Green bullet Sheriff attributes suspect's being shot 68 times to that being "all the bullets we had."

Green bullet Police officer arrests DUI suspect in trooper's own garage.

Yellow bullet A victim of domestic violence called 911 to order a pizza, evading detection by her abuser.

Multi-colored bullet Blue lines painted on curbs signify a residence where a police officer can reliably find "back-up."

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