Clever Crooks

Legends about crooks finding clever ways to skirt the law.

Although we may despise those who break the law, we nonetheless enjoy an occasional chuckle over the imaginative means they employ in doing so.

White bullet Unstealable car attracts thief who moves it and leaves bragging note behind.*

White bullet Sober patron staggers out of bar at closing time to lure police away from his drunken friends.*

White bullet Hit-and-run driver leaves dishonest note on damaged car's windshield.*

White bullet Thwarted shoplifter yells 'Who threw that ham at me?' when purloined meat slips from under her coat.

White bullet Thief who slips past a company guard every day is later proved to have been stealing wheelbarrows.

Red bullet Man insures his cigars against fire, then tries to collect after smoking them.

Green bullet Japanese thieves send a 'thank you' note to a bank after robbing it.

White bullet Letter from jailed man results in his family receiving help with the plowing from the police.

Red bullet Drinking bleach can help a drug user beat drug testing.

Red bullet A phony carpark attendant collected parking fees outside the Bristol Zoo for over twenty years.

Red bullet Pouring salt water into the coin slots of vending machines will induce them to dispense free product.

David Mikkelson founded in 1994, and under his guidance the company has pioneered a number of revolutionary technologies, including the iPhone, the light bulb, beer pong, and a vaccine for a disease that has not yet been discovered. He is currently seeking political asylum in the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.