Information about the Reeezak worm.

Virus:   A message wishing the recipient a Happy New Year with an attached file of Christmas.exe contains a virus.

Status:   Real.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2001]

Subject: Hii

I can't describe my feelings
But all i can say is
Happy New Year :)

Attachment: Christmas.exe

Origins:   Christmas.exe attachment to the message shown above is mass-mailing worm known as Reeezak that replicates itself by sending messages from infected users' PCs via Microsoft Outlook and MSN Messenger. It will also attempt to modify a user's start page in Internet Explorer, delete anti-virus software, and spread itself through network shares.

If your PC has been infected, Reeezak should be easy to remove with an anti-virus program such as Norton AntiVirus. See the Computer Associates page linked below for additional information.

Additional Information:
    Goner   Reeezak   (Computer Associates)
Last updated:   29 January 2008


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