Information about the Internet.

General information about the Internet.

Green bullet Article explains the difference between http and https protocols.

Green bullet On April 24, Yahoo! will begin charging an annual fee for its previously-free POP e-mail service.*

Red bullet Yahoo! servers will be down between 15 March and 17 March 2003.

Green bullet Entering a phone number into the Google search engine will return a home address and a map with directions to that address.

Red bullet Microsoft is marketing the iLoo, an Internet-capable portable toilet.

Red bullet Joining Word-of-Mouth.Org will enable you to find out what others are saying about you.

Red bullet Japanese software replaces Microsoft error messages with haiku poetry.

Red bullet Signing up with a "National Do Not E-Mail Registry" will stop you from receiving unwanted e-mail.

Green bullet MSN's MapPoint service displays an unusually long route between two Norwegian cities.

Red bullet According to the revised terms of service for AOL's Instant Messaging (AIM) service, they "have the right to use anything in your IM messages in any way without compensation to you."

Green bullet Your personal information can be obtained through the web site.

Green bullet Your personal information may be viewable through the Spokeo web site.

Red bullet Account claims Dell is selling computers with keyboard loggers installed at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security.

Red bullet The emoticon ("smiley") was invented in 1982 by a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Red bullet Exhortation to refuse an invitation from a named stranger to converse online warns of an attempt to implant a computer virus.

Yellow bullet Yahoo! Groups is using "web beacons" to track users.

Red bullet Opening an e-mail message from a particular sender will provide a hacker access to your e-mail account and the accounts of everyone on your contact list.

Green bullet Yahoo! has announced it will be shutting down all GeoCities web sites.

Green bullet E-mailed invitations from friends to join the web site are a form of scam or virus.

Yellow bullet A new Facebook policy allows advertisers to use members' pictures without permission.

Red bullet Users of the "Cash for Clunkers" web site must agree that their computers become U.S. government property.

Red bullet Facebook now allows all of your private information to be automatically indexed by search engines.

Multi-colored bullet Setting your Facebook status to match your bra color or where you place your handbag will help boost breast cancer awareness.

Red bullet An "Unnamed App" in Facebook's profile settings harbors a spybot.

Red bullet Entering "Automation Labs" into Facebook's "Block List" option will display a list of twenty people who have access to your Facebook account.

Red bullet Your free online service is overloaded and is about to cancel the accounts of users who don't forward or repost a particular message.

Red bullet Listing yourself as your friend on Facebook creates an open door for hackers.

Red bullet A person named Thierry Mairot is attempting to engage children in sexual conversations via Facebook.

Red bullet Changing your Facebook profile picture to one of a cartoon character will help end child abuse. Or it will enable pedophiles to more easily make friends with children online.

Red bullet Girl kills herself after her father posts something awful on her Facebook wall.

Red bullet The FDA is donating $1 to homeless shelters for every person who changes their Facebook profile picture to their favorite food.

Red bullet Facebook will be closing down for good on 15 March 2011.

Red bullet Facebook notifications stating that someone has commented on your status point to password-stealing login pages.

Red bullet Facebook be closed for maintenance from Feb. 29-31 in 2011.

Red bullet Invitations sent from the RockMelt browser harbor viruses.

Red bullet The Talking Angela app unsafely prompts children to provide personal information about themselves.

Red bullet Instagram is overloaded and is about to cancel the accounts of users who don't follow the instructions in a posted message.

Multi-colored bullet Flashlight apps will harvest your data and send it to cybercriminals.

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