Information about Facebook hoaxes, alerts and warnings.

General information about the Facebook hoaxes, scams and alerts.

Red bullet Participating in the Facebook "giraffe challenge" will infect your computer and give hackers access to your account.

Red bullet The Facebook group "Becoming a father or mother was the greatest gift of my life" was created by pedophiles to gain access to kids' photos.

Green bullet Facebook is going to be adding a 'Dislike' button.

Red bullet Facebook will be closing down for good on 15 May 2013.

Yellow bullet Facebook notifications stating that someone has commented on your status point to password-stealing login pages.

Red bullet Facebook 'padlock' security feature is really a ruse by hackers to gain access to your account.

Red bullet Facebook soon plans to charge monthly subscription fees to users.

Red bullet Hackers are inserting secret "sexual videos" into the walls and profiles of your Facebook friends.

Red bullet Facebook is about to close your account, citing violation of its policies.

Red bullet The Facebook applications "My Birthday Calendar" and "Holiday Card List" harbor malicious information-stealing programs.

Red bullet Message provides instructions for stopping others from seeing your activity on Facebook.

Green bullet The Ramnit worm has been stealing Facebook credentials.

Red bullet Hackers post insulting messages on your friends' Facebook walls in your name.

Red bullet Messages containing the words "Visit the New Facebook" include links that give a hacker access to your Facebook account.

Red bullet Links posted on Facebook point to a leaked video of a roller coaster accident.

Red bullet Justin Bieber has been stabbed by a crazed fan.

Red bullet Posting a notice on Facebook will protect your privacy rights.

Multi-status bullet Facebook will use your photograph in advertisements unless you change an account setting.

Red bullet Your Facebook private inbox messages are now visible for all to see.

Multi-status bullet Facebook "pirates" are copying other users' profiles.

Red bullet Facebook will be closed at the end of February.

Red bullet Facebook's "Graph App" makes your private Facebook content visible to strangers.

Red bullet A Facebook page whose creation date is earlier than the occurrence of a tragedy proves the event was a planned and staged one.

Multi-status bullet Facebook will be introducing video-based advertisements to their site.

Red bullet Facebook has "deleted all privacy settings" and is "getting rid of its privacy policy."

Red bullet Rapper Eminem was nearly killed by a fan in New York who stabbed him four times.

Red bullet Singer Miley Cyrus has died..

Red bullet Facebook is removing photographs of military amputees from their network, deeming them "offensive."

Red bullet Singer Celine Dion has been killed in a plane crash.

Red bullet Actor Will Smith has died during surgery following an accident.

Red bullet Television hostsss Oprah Winfrey has committed suicide.

Red bullet Rapper Lil Wayne has died after a seizure.

Red bullet Facebook is blocking links to the web site for Kirk Cameron's film Unstoppable.

Red bullet Actor Vin Diesel has died.

Red bullet The Facebook "Look Back" mini-movie function is the work of a hacker.

Red bullet Facebook has instituted a 'no swearing' campaign and threatened to lock the accounts of users who employ profanity.

Red bullet Facebook has instituted a campaign banning marijuana-related posts and threatened to terminate the accounts of repeat offenders.

Red bullet As of 30 March 2014, Facebook will require that all account holders provide a photocopy of their personal ID.

Red bullet As of 20 March 2014, Facebook will be banning all posts expressing religious beliefs.

Red bullet Links posted on Facebook point to a video of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Red bullet Actor Dwayne Johnson died filming a stunt for Fast & Furious 7.

Multi-status bullet The Facebook app on your phone is listening to your conversations.

Red bullet Links posted on Facebook point to a leaked video of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 being shot down by a missile.

Red bullet Use of the Facebook Messenger app requires user acceptance of many privacy-violating conditions.

Yellow bullet Facebook outage prompts 911 calls.

Red bullet Wrestler Hulk Hogan has died from being shot in the head.

Red bullet Video shows 'goodbye' message recorded by Robin Williams just prior to his suicide.

Green bullet Facebook is forcing drag queens to use their legal names or face a profile ban.

Red bullet Facebook is going to begin turning over user data to the FBI, CIA, and NSA.

Red bullet You can win a new Audi, Mercedes, Range Rover, Camaro, or other car by liking a Facebook page or post and sharing it with friends.

Red bullet Eminem is giving away $5 million to one lucky fan for Christmas.

Red bullet A review of Facebook Active Sessions will reveal unauthorized users currently accessing your account.

Red bullet CJ Pearson was suspended from Facebook because he criticized President Obama.

Multi-status bullet Facebook is deleting inactive likers or likes.

Red bullet Boxer Floyd Mayweather is giving away $2.6 million on Facebook.

Red bullet A Facebook page was suspended because the Marine Corps emblem violates the network's community standards.

Red bullet Facebook users can check if their accounts have been hacked by inserting '@[4.0]' into posts.

Multi-status bullet A link purporting to enable the 'newly introduced' Facebook Dislike button is a scam.

Red bullet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated $992.2 million to Planned Parenthood


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