Campus Horrors

College horror legends.

Living away from home, on your own and unsupervised for the first time, can be a frightening experience. Not surprisingly, then, we find a group of horror legends specifically associated with events that take place in campus dormitories and residence halls.

Red bullet Famous psychic predicts Halloween murder on campus.*

White bullet Coed's cries for help while being raped go unnoticed during finals week scream session.*

White bullet Student opens dorm room door and discovers murdered roommate.*

Red bullet University of Texas student loses both kidneys to organ thieves.*

White bullet Girl goes insane after a medical student slips a cadaver's arm into her bed as a practical joke.*

green bullet Medical school student discovers the cadaver assigned to him for dissection is a relative of his.*

White bullet Student who restricts himself to only one foodstuff contracts scurvy.

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