Urban legends about college homework and term papers.

Students have always tried to avoid doing their homework, either by making up excuses for not doing it or by taking lazy shortcuts. Why should things be any different in college? Institutions of higher learning are not only attended by diligent students eager to put forth their best efforts on academic assignments — they also house those who seek to succeed by pulling fast ones on their instructors. Sometimes they get away with it, and sometimes they don't . . .

Green bullet Student mistakes example of unsolvable math problem for homework assignment and solves it.

White bullet Same term paper submitted by several different students gets better grade each time.

White bullet Instructor notices resubmitted term paper lacks illustration of whale.

White bullet Professor recognizes resubmission of his own term paper.

White bullet Two students produce a contentious piece of 'cooperative' fiction when forced to work together.

Green bullet Diligent student finds reward tucked away in academic work.

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