Hillary Clinton said children should be raised and trained by the state, and parents should have only a secondary role. See Example(s)

Collected via e-mail, February 2016

Just saw this quote attributed to Hillary Clinton: “I believe the role of the state is to teach, train, and raise children. Parents have a secondary role.”  IS THIS TRUE?





In February 2016, a meme featuring a picture of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, along with a quote supposedly from her about the role government should play in raising children, began to make the social media rounds:

takes a village quote

This image was originally shared by the “Shocking Hillary Clinton Quotes…” Tumblr Page, one of many web sites dedicated to false information and misinformation about presidential candidates across the political continuum. While the Tumblr page states that “these are 100% sourced and verified quotes,” we have investigated several of the purported quotes shared by this page and found all of them to be false.

The Tumblr page makes its agenda clear in its description:

Get to know the psychopath known as Hillary Clinton a little better.

We also attempted to unearth this quote in the pages of Clinton’s 1996 book It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us, but (unsurprisingly) came up empty-handed.

The only credible publication to connect this quote to Hillary Clinton was the Tallahassee Democrat. This iteration, however, occurred on 26 October 2015 (a day after it appeared on the Shocking Hillary Clinton Quotes Tumblr page) and was featured in the web site’s “Zing” section, which features opinions and “snappy one-liners” from anonymous users.

While it’s true that Hillary Clinton published a book in 1996 called It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us, it does not include the above-displayed quote, and Clinton (a parent herself) has not said at any point that she believes that children should be raised by the state with parents taking a secondary role.