Secret Ingredients

Secret ingredients in well-known products.

Many a story is told about little-known ingredients supposedly found in common products — sometimes by design, and sometimes otherwise.

  Red bullet Carmex lip balm contains ground glass to make users dependent upon it.

  Red bullet Tropical Fantasy drink is laced with a substance that renders black men sterile.*

  Red bullet Workers at Corona beer urinate into the vats.*

  Red bullet Dr Pepper soda is made with prune juice.

  Red bullet A 1993 instance of product tampering resulted in syringes being found in cans of Pepsi.*

  Red bullet A false rumor about a leper working in its factory severely damaged sales of Chesterfield's cigarettes.*

  Red bullet Jägermeister contains deer or elk blood.

  Red bullet Lucky Strike cigarettes are so named because some packs contained marijuana cigarettes.

  Red bullet Mascara contains bat poop.

  Red bullet Baby shampoo contains novocaine.

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