Redemption Rumors

Legends about redeeming items of small value for something of great value.

If "something for nothing" is the great consumer dream, exchanging something of little value for something of great value runs a close second. As dreams go, however, redemption rumors can nearly always be filed under the category of "pipe."

  Red bullet A Tootsie Pop wrapper picturing an Indian shooting an arrow at a star can be redeemed for free candy.

  Red bullet Presenting a rare 1943 copper cent to Ford entitled the bearer to a brand-new automobile.

  Red bullet Pull tabs from aluminum cans have special redemption value for time on dialysis machines.

  Red bullet Cigarette packs were once redeemable to help the defray the cost of purchasing seeing-eye dogs.

  Red bullet Send your old shoes (any brand) to Nike, and they'll mail you a free pair!

  Green bullet Subway is ending its long-running Sub Club promotion due to the prevalence of counterfeit stamps.

  Red bullet Collect plastic bottle caps to provide free chemo treatments to cancer sufferers.

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