Those miscreants who make off with our jalopies often elude the reach of the long arm of the law. The stories we tell give voice to what we believe should happen in a more just world.

Ah, but sometimes those thieves are just too clever for us, as another set of auto theft legends reminds us.

The Ticket Taker
Stolen car is returned with theatre tickets inside to lure away the owners while their home is burgled.

Grand Jest Auto
Unstealable car attracts thief who moves it and leaves a note behind.

Dreaded Unleaded
Gasoline thief becomes ill after siphoning the wrong tank on an RV.

My Mother the Cargo
Auto thieves unwittingly steal body of a dead grandmother along with a car.

The Fair Shake
Thief who stole car just before an earthquake is found crushed under collapsed freeway.