Highway Hazards

Urban legends about the hazards of driving automobiles.

Danger lurks at every turn, say these legends. Whether we're out on the highway or refueling at a gas station, vigilance must be maintained, lest the bad guys get us.

The Sig Files
SigAlerts, the Los Angeles advisories of severe traffic conditions, were named after radio executive Loyd Sigmon.

Pink Lady
An artist secretly painted a 60-foot-high image of a naked woman above a tunnel in Malibu Canyon in 1966.

Carjack and Jilted
Motorist unknowingly runs over carjackers lying in wait for her.

The Killer in the Backseat
Gas station attendant warns motorist about dangerous man hiding in the backseat.

Severed Fingers
Motorist who has run-in with ruffians afterwards finds the severed fingers of his assailants on his car.

Static Quo
Static electricity is the cause of an increase in gas station refuelling fires.

Teens playing spunkball are lobbing lit gasoline-soaked rags into stopped cars.

Slim Jim Deaths
Police officers who use slim jims to assist locked-out motorists have been killed by airbags.

The Unkindest Cut
Criminals lie in wait under parked cars at malls to slash their victims' ankles.

Lights Out!
Gang members drive without headlights on, then shoot whoever flashes them.

Fuelish Pleasures
Cell phones have touched off explosions at gas stations.

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