Dream Machines

Urban legends about expensive and high-performance automobiles.

Certain cars we lust after. Be it for their extra power, the cachet imparted by previous celebrated owners, or their inherent sexiness, thoughts of them enliven our daydreams.

The $50 Porsche
Wife sells husband's Porsche for $50 after he runs off with a younger woman.

Buttered Rolls
Rolls-Royce dispatches special mechanic to aid stranded motorist, then denies the incident and claims their cars never break down.

The Dead Vet's Vette
Bereaved mom sells son's cherished vintage Corvette for a pittance because she doesn't know its value.

King of the Rode
Man buys old motorcycle, then discovers it was once owned by Elvis Presley.

Chevy Duty
A group of former General Motors workers furtively produced 1957 Chevrolet automobiles on its own for ten years.

Car with JATO units attached is found embedded in cliff face.

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