Free Chipotle Burrito Coupon

No scam: the popular fast casual Chipotle Mexican Grill chain is really offering up mobile coupons for free burritos.

All locations of the popular Chipotle Mexican Grill chain in the U.S. are closed for three hours around lunchtime today [February 8] to allow workers to attend meetings about the chain's recent food safety issues. Most restaurants will be closed until around 3 p.m., so the company is making up for "messing up your lunch plans" with a generous "raincheck" promotion.

Until 6 p.m. ET, Chipotle is offering up a mobile coupon for a freen Burrito to customers who text RAINCHECK to 888-222 and follow the prompts. The mobile coupon should arrive within the next few days:

Chipotle says the quantity of free coupons is limited, so users should act fast.

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